Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Crunch Time!

Wow, I cannot believe that the movers will be here two weeks from tomorrow!

And I REALLY cannot believe that I actually thought I was in good shape as far as the packing is concerned.

The movers will be here in TWO WEEKS!!! Holy ^%@^@!!!!

We took our bed apart today - it's a Sleep Number bed and queen sized - and now are going through all the "hidden treasures" that were tucked underneath it. That's an adventure. Bob is in charge of the treasure scrounging. We have a double mattress and box springs leaning against the hallway wall and I jolly well expect to be sleeping on them tonight. OR I'm taking the sofa and leaving Bob the recliner.

I am keeping a fairly perpetual headache these days.

The movers will be here two weeks from tomorrow. Heavy sigh.

I gotta start taking some pictures cause you'd never believe it...

Monday, July 21, 2008

That Gleam in My Eyes the reflection of the oncoming headlights. And all of a sudden I feel like the deer that is caught in them.

We have ordered the movers! And they are coming on either the 12th or 13th of August. The good news is that we have chosen to go with a firm that will give us door-to-door service, meaning that we do NOT have to load any shipping containers!

We do, however, have to provide them with about forty-eleven different sorts of inventories and forms and whatchamacallits and whatevers. AND we have to have everything packed and padded and ready for them to haul out. No big deal, right? Easy-peasy, no? "Hey, Bambi, are them bright shiny things up ahead yonder stars, ya think?"

Up until this moment I felt like I had things fairly well under control.

Not now.

Soooooooo. The plan of attack is to:

1) identify and pack those things left unpacked that we want to have in Boquete
2) pad and/or wrap the furniture and have it ready to go
3) have all the various and sundry pieces of paper (and thumbdrives) sorted out and ready
4) wave farewell to our household goods (with fervent prayers for the safety thereof)
5) collapse onto the floor (no sofa, remember??) in exhaustion for 13 minutes and 28 seconds

because we have to then
6) go through all the %^*(&%^*%$* that is left and make decisions about what in the ^(%^&$ to do with it!
7) actually DO what in the ^(%^&$ we decided to do with all the %^*(&%^*%$* that is left

See? Piece of cake. Easy-peasy.

I think I want to either go off into the corner and suck my thumb or have a root canal. Either would be easier.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Fat Lady is Gettin' Ready to Sing!

Watch out! This really bad opera is heading into the final act and the Fat Lady is starting her deep breathing exercises in order to sing.

We have set a date for the shipping container to be here. At least we have decided that August 12 is the date that we want the shipping container to be here. We still have not made "the call". Maybe we should put that on our TODO List...

Yesterday was our 18th anniversary. Wow! What an amazing and wonderful ride this has been. I certainly did not expect many of the things that the past 18 years have held. The one great constant has been my beloved Bob. Always there. Always supportive. Always loving.

With a date set, there is mucho pressure on me to git to gittin on this packing.

Pray for sanity.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

K1P1 Until You're Sick of It

In knitting, you have to do something to keep the edges of your work from curling up. Generally you do something called "ribbing" which is a stitch or two of knit stitch followed by a stitch or two of purl stitch. It looks nice on the finished sweater or jacket, but it is a pain in the neck to knit - and very easy to mess up. Which results in throwing your work back in the knitting bag and drowning your frustrations in something. Chocolate ice cream works nicely.

At any rate, the title of this blog comes from the famous line of knitting maven Elizabeth Zimmermann who wrote it originally in one of her patterns. And that is what most knitters do: knit the ribbing until they're sick of it. Then they go on to the body of the sweater or whatever.

I am sorting and packing and packing and sorting and sorting and packing. I am might near to the "I'm sick of it" point. I have decided that this is a recipe for madness.

I thank God, reverently and humbly, that Tuesday evenings now grant me the challenge and loving friendship and peace of a Beth Moore Bible study. A diverse group of ladies with a good 40-year age difference in some cases, gather at Erin Israel's home to pray, talk, encourage, love on, and study together. We are studying "Believing God" and, after only 2 sessions, I can tell that this is exactly where God wants me to be on Tuesdays! I have seen, over and over, in just 8 days (last Tuesday to tonight) how His hand is over me and how He is blessing me through this group. I expectantly wait to see how He grows me, pruning and all, into the child He wants me to be.

I found one of those musical cards yesterday. You know: they play the Chicken Dance or a movie theme or country or rock song. Well, this one plays a song from "Godspell", a 70's musical based on the story of Jesus. A secular play, true, but this song is a wonderful prayer set to infectuous (I hope that is spelled correctly!) music. The words are: "Day by day, day by day, Oh dear Lord, three things I pray: to see Thee more clearly, Love Thee more dearly, Follow Thee more nearly, day by day." Happy song. Sincere prayer. I bought the card. I'm keeping it for myself. For now.

Back to the sorting and packing. I am proud to announce that we are down to one car and one truck. Well, one car if you don't count the three collector's cars that we don't drive. But since they've not been on the road for over a decade, I don't count them. Just pray that SOMEONE wants a 1931 Model A, or a 1955 Chevy Bel Air, or a 1961 Bentley S-2 (I think) with right hand drive. They're for sale, in case you couldn't guess. Reasonable offers passed on to Bob who will then contact you.

I am about to the point of having nothing left to pack except the last minute stuff: dishes we still eat off of, sheets that go on the bed, clothes, shoes, my knitting! (I used a lot of my yarn as padding material when I was packing dishes and glassware, so I get to have a lot more yarn in Panama!) This is good because they don't seem to believe in yarn shops in Panama. Either I take it with me, or I buy on-line and pay big bucks for shipping. Personally, I'd rather be safe than sorry and take it with me...

Tomorrow I'm going to sort and pack! SQUEEEEEEEEE! I'm thrilled. Not.